Introducing Our New E360 Blog Platform

Aug 23, 22 | Solutions Spotlight

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*On June 1, 2023 Emerson’s Climate Technologies business became a new standalone company – Copeland. Though our name has changed, we are building on more than a century of HVACR innovation and industry leadership, and Copeland continues to offer the same products, industry stewardship, and learning opportunities you’ve grown to trust. Information found on this webpage posted before June 1, 2023 may contain our old name or branding, but you can be at ease knowing it was created with the knowledge and expertise of Copeland. 

Copeland is pleased to announce the launch of our new E360 Blog, offering readers a more streamlined, organized, and engaging way to stay informed. As followers of Copeland’s E360 industry stewardship content are aware, our blog is a gateway to the latest published articles, upcoming webinars and a myriad of other educational resources. The new E360 Blog can be found at, so update your bookmarks and prepare to experience a new and improved way to stay informed about the HVACR industry topics in which you’re most interested.

A Fine-tuned System and Digital Compressors Bring Cool Chunk of Change to One Supermarket

Copeland’s E360 platform was originally designed as a thought leadership communications vehicle to help keep commercial refrigeration and air conditioning stakeholders informed of the latest trends and regulatory updates that impact our served industries. Consisting of blogs, articles, case studies, webinars, videos, and white papers, E360 has evolved to encompass a range of content covering a vast array of industry topics. Our new E360 Blog — part of this continued evolution — is designed to serve as a modern portal that gives readers multiple ways to engage with our ever-expanding repository of E360 Blog content.

Improved navigation and content accessibility

When you enter the new E360 Blog, you’ll find summaries of the latest “Featured Posts” for easy review. Simply click on one of them to read any post in its entirety. Scroll down the page to see the latest featured posts categorized by a specific topic, which also serve as the primary navigation menu at the top of the webpage:

  • Cold Chain
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Regulations
  • HVACR Industry & Tech Tips
  • Solutions Spotlight

Within the navigation menus, you’ll find sub-categories to further refine your topic search by market sector, regulatory type and technical focus. You’ll also find a search magnifying glass in the top-right of the menu to help you narrow your queries down to a specific topic. For Copeland-specific information about compression, controls or component data, be sure to click on the Solutions Spotlight menu option.

On the right-hand side of the page, you’ll also find an “Explore More” menu that provides easy-to-click thumbnail links to other key E360 resources and Copeland media, including:

It’s important to point out that for current readers and/or followers of our Climate Conversations blog, it will soon be removed as the new E360 Blog is designed to replace it. So make sure to bookmark the new URL, add it to your list of favorites, and subscribe to our RSS feed to stay informed of our latest blog posts and E360 content.