Copeland™ Compressor Electronics Technology Saves Merchandise and Reputations

Jul 07, 15 | Solutions Spotlight

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Imagine: you close your market at the end of the day, and the next morning you return to find your merchandise spoiled because your refrigeration system failed overnight. Though it doesn’t happen often, it takes just one failure to cause catastrophic losses for large and small businesses alike.

For one small-town meat market, this nightmare nearly happened due to a faulty defrost timer on the walk-in cooler. On an ordinary system, a series of events would occur, eventually ending with spoiled meat and possibly ruined equipment. But because the market’s cooler had a Copeland scroll™ K5 compressor with compressor electronics technology, quick action from staff saved both the meat and the refrigeration equipment.

On-Board Compressor Diagnostics Detect System Faults

While the timer is not part of the compressor itself, the compressor electronics technology was still able to save the cooler from failing. It sent an alert to the facility manager, who brought in a qualified contractor to identify the issue with the timer, repair it and reset the compressor. More than $10,000 in food was saved, and the compressor and cooler weren’t damaged. And since store managers became aware of the issue as it occurred, they were able to closely monitor product integrity and ensure they maintained the quality their customers expect.

Ideally, like in the meat market situation, personnel would respond quickly to the notification and address the cause of the failure. If no one responds, however, our compressor electronics technology directs the refrigeration system to reset itself for up to four hours. At the end of this four-hour time period, it shuts down the compressor and waits for a manual reset. Although the food would begin to spoil at this point of the scenario, the refrigeration equipment would be saved.