Reduce Freight Risks with Oversight Cargo Services

Sep 13, 22 | Cold Chain, Transportation

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Today’s perishable cold chain stakeholders face unprecedented challenges. From driver shortages and supply chain delays to rising costs, spoiled loads and lost shipments, the shipping landscape is fraught with hazards that could potentially undermine the integrity of perishable goods. In a new webinar that will take place on Tues., Sept. 20 at 2 p.m. EST, Jeff Korb, cold chain northwest regional sales manager, Blanca Morales, cold chain key account representative and I will explore the enabling technologies needed to deliver data-driven insights and help stakeholders to strengthen their perishable cold chains.


In the face of today’s escalating shipping industry challenges, maintaining visibility to in-transit perishable shipments is more important than ever. But gaining real-time visibility is only one key to achieving cold chain integrity. Leveraging the power of data analytics is also becoming an essential asset in the modern cold chain management toolbox.

In our upcoming webinar, Reduce Freight Risks With Oversight Cargo Services, Copeland’s cold chain experts will discuss how stakeholders can leverage these tools to protect valuable shipments, minimize losses, and preserve perishable quality and safety. We will explain how Copeland’s GO real-time tracking devices, advanced Oversight software and expert professional services combine to make a reliable and robust cold chain management ecosystem. Attendees will learn how to:

  • Reduce operational cost in perishable supply chain
  • Identify cold chain patterns and trends
  • Pinpoint temperature excursions and trouble spots
  • Gain in-depth historical insights
  • Benchmark and review carrier performance

In addition, we will give attendees an overview of our five-point Oversight cargo services solution set, which includes the following capabilities:

  • Track your shipment — Leverage GO real-time trackers and our cloud-based Oversight portal to gain visibility to the location and temperature of in-transit perishable shipments.
  • Reports and scorecards — Empower your operations by transforming cold chain data into accessible dashboards, actionable insights and key trends.
  • Data integration — Reduce cold chain complexities by consolidating multiple shipments and temperature data streams into one simplified software platform.
  • Managed services — Bolster the capabilities of your quality assurance and management operations with our 24x7x365 shipment monitoring, issue escalation and resolution teams.
  • Professional and consultative services — Gain the fresh perspectives and insights of cold chain experts capable of identifying efficiency gaps in your operations.

Individually, these capabilities and/or services provide targeted solutions to common challenges facing stakeholders in the perishable cold chain. Combined, they deliver robust data analytics and expert services which streamline cold chain management and address the spiraling complexities of today’s shipping landscape.

So be sure to register now and join me, Jeff and Blanca for our free webinar, Reduce Freight Risks With Oversight Cargo Services, which will take place on Tues., Sept. 20 at 2 p.m. EST.