Be Proactive About Safeguarding Food and Profitability

Jul 03, 18 | Efficiency & Refrigerant Regulations, Refrigerants

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Emerson’s Lumity™ portfolio can help your business in countless ways and grant you control over your entire enterprise from the palm of your hand. Watch the video here for more information.

Maintaining food safety and freshness are top priorities for food retailers. Food loss can lead to a multitude of problems, including loss of profit and decreasing customer loyalty. Proper site and alarm management paired with detailed analysis, food quality reporting and other similar capabilities could help minimize losses and boost your operations to maximum efficiency.


Digital Connections


Emerson’s Lumity services can help retailers leverage powerful data collection aggregation, perform operational analysis, and provide beneficial insights to drive profitability and mitigate potential risks. Lumity draws from more than 20 years of data-driven insights to help optimize your refrigeration energy and maintenance systems, maintain fresh food and improve your profits with always-on connectivity and the convenience of access from anywhere.

These improvements all start with proper alarm management. Alarms have always played a vital role in a store’s day-to-day operations, typically via the manual monitoring of these alarms. However, this process is both time consuming and labor intensive — and one that more often than not, leads to errors and lapses that can result in food loss and other problems.

Alarm events are generated due to several different reasons, from the temperature of a refrigerated case falling outside of its acceptable range to an error in a compressor defrost cycle. Lumity’s powerful filters help you sort through and prioritize these alarms, differentiating among those that do not require your immediate attention and ones that are potentially actionable. This filtering process can help retailers reduce up to 30 percent of service dispatches, eliminating some time spent dealing with non-critical alarms and preventing unnecessary and expensive service calls.

Automatic tracking and recording of a store’s alarm events provides insights into historical performance issues, allowing operators to target and improve areas that have been prone to problems and optimize their stores rather than continuously responding to the same alarms.

When used with mobile alerts, store managers and field service technicians practically get nearly immediate access to critical alarms anywhere or anytime from the convenience of a smartphone or tablet. Then they can acknowledge the alarms and decide whether immediate action should be taken or if additional assistance is needed.

For more comprehensive protection, the Service Center helps retailers properly manage their facilities via a dedicated team of experts who review computer-analyzed store data and confirm and prioritize the most critical problems. The team is equipped to take quick corrective action based on your preferred service level agreement, working with your store or independently.

Designed to help you actively manage alarm events, Emerson’s alarm management can help you decrease your focus on manually monitoring all of your systems and instead focus more on improving customer relations and keeping operating costs low.